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Nina Garstang is an artist whose work explores the creative potential of the abstract through light and colour. Using a variety of media and techniques Nina’s work simultaneously takes the viewer out to the universe and into the molecular. 


She has a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art and her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Her paintings and prints are now available for purchase from this site.

For more information on Nina and her practice click on the 'About' section

1. MG You Move Me Deep Inside NG.jpg

 “The colours hit me up with their intensity, like chemicals chasing through my blood. It’s a visceral thing at first and then meaning emerges: I get rivers, seas and mountains, then into cells under microscopes, maps of the earth from space bleeding into brains and embryos, soft tissues and weather systems all on a single sheet of glass, yet it is still. I’m getting flashes of old masters too, like faces and scenes from other things I’ve seen dissolving away from me.”    Author & Poet Richard Lewis’s description of my work.

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