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Nina Josephine Garstang

Theta Waves - Unpredictable, 6 day painting performance, Shoreditch Townhall, 2013

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Lichtenstein 72 hours, 

canvas at 72 hours through the painting performance

Freud 90 hours,
canvas at 90 hours through the painting performance

Caravaggio 144 hours,

canvas at 144 hours through the painting performance

Theta Waters, Light Me Up, Shoreditch Townhall, March 2013

Theta Waters, installation, Final Light, Phoenix Brighton, December 2012

Theta Fields, video, painting and multi sensory installation, RCA MA Show, 2012

Fields, 3 part video, Paradise RCA Milan 2012

How Pitiful A Thing Is It, When the Wise Are Deluded, May 2011

Digital projection video installation, 6 minute loop


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